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05-14-12 - 11:04pm // Archimedes, Watch Out joins Search and Rescue

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. Search and Rescue Records is BACK after what was effectively a five year hiatus. A talented of group of individuals from Texas have given us the jolt of inspiration which was so badly needed to get back in the saddle.

I am incredibly proud to announce the addition of Archimedes, Watch Out! to the Search and Rescue Records family. Their debut album, In Context debuts on May 26th, 2012 and is available for pre-order on our new and vastly improved webstore.

The band is in the process of booking together several national tours for this summer so stay posted to their Facebook page for updates on dates and locations.

The new album can be pre-ordered HERE

12-10-10 - 9:08pm // It has been awhile
I have not posted an update in quite some time so here we go. First off, we are still selling records and are of course very appreciative of the continued support we have received from fans of the music we have released.

With that said, we have not actively been searching out new music in favor of pursuing other opportunities which may permit us to do bigger and better things with the label in the future. With that said, I am checking out demos as I get them so feel free to keep sending them.

Have a great New Year!

08-24-09 - 11:12am // The Swellers sign to Fueled by Ramen - New record on the way!

The Swellers have finally made the jump and have recently signed to Fueled by Ramen. Search and Rescue Records is proud to have been a part of their growth from a local artist to where they are now. We are excited to see where they take it from here. The new album drops on September 29th and is entitled Ups and Downsizing.


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